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I use traditional silversmithing techniques to hand craft all my pieces using a range of metals including silver, gold, copper, brass and more recently anodised aluminium.

 I make my own ear wires for drop earrings, catches for necklaces and bracelets.

Ear pins and scroll backs are all sterling silver and 9ct gold can be provided on request.

I always use recycled silver and fairtrade gold where possible.

My Jewellery boxes are made from reyclable card.

I love geometric forms and circles are a recurring theme in my work. Organic forms including leaves and beetles have also been an influence.

I like to show off the qualities of different metals by combining them to achieve contrasts in colour, or by using heat treatment such as reticulation ( melting the surface of silver in order to create interesting textures) or oxidisation (to blacken some of my silver pieces or create a deep red on copper).

Patterns and textures are achieved by using different types of hammers and punches and by soldering on strips and granules of gold or brass.

Inspiration and Techniques